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Stop wasting money on "DIY" accounting. At Ashraf Advisory PLLC, our CPAs use an experience based system to help you take charge of your books.

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We take the surprises out of taxes, help create, and maintain a unique strategic tax plan for your healthcare business.


“Arsalan is very prompt, intelligent, and patient. He has shared unique strategies with us to help save on taxes, prevent unwanted tax surprises, and help keep our sanity!”

Michael Irving

How much do we cost?

Painless, transparent pricing.

These are sample packages. We can customize a package to fit your unique needs. We will quote a fixed price agreement after reviewing prior year returns.

Individual Return

$900 /yr
  • Includes W2, backdoor Roth IRA reporting. investment income, itemized deductions, & IRS audit support

1 Person S-Corporation

$400 /mo
  • Includes business tax planning & prep, bookkeeping of 1 bank account and 1 credit card, payroll (owner only), IRS audit support

  • QuickBooks online and Gusto payroll service fees included

Medical/Dental Office

$600 /mo
  • Includes business tax planning & prep, owner compensation optimization, bookkeeping true up & tax adjustments, and IRS audit support

  • Coordination with bookkeeper & payroll company

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